A Taste of Hue’s grapefruit ‘Thanh Tra’

August and September are months of Thanh Tra, a kind of Hue’s very own pomelo. Thuy Bieu Ward is famous for the finest and most delicious pomelos. The specialty fruit has a unique flavour and taste thanks to fertile soil replenished by the Perfume River, fresh breezes, and all-day tropical sunlight. A festival to promote Thanh Tra is held around Vietnam Independence Day, and the fruit also journeys to Le Parfum Restaurant of La Residence. Be sure to order Chef Hai a Thanh Tra salad while you are in Hue this time!
More about Thanh Tra and Thuy Bieu Village: http://news.baothuathienhue.vn/picking-thanh-tra-pomelos-at-thuy-bieu-gardens-a48247.html