Top 6 New Travel Experiences in Old Hue

So many of the international travelers I talk to about Hue want to know what in Hue should be on their bucket list, which is not at all a difficult question. There is the Imperial City, the tombs of the Nguyen Kings and Thien Mu pagoda. Those are, I would have to say, the Big 3 in Hue.
Not as high on the bucket list but worthy nevertheless are the garden homes of old Hue, the Museum of Royal Fine Arts, our colonial French architectural heritage and all of Hue’s other pagodas. There’s your second tier, right there.
I love all of these places, and can talk about them at length. But what I’m most drawn to these days is the news, and more specifically, what’s new in Hue. So, just like all of these websites on the Internet that are keen to deliver the top 5 this or the top 7 that, here’s my pick of the Top 6 New Travel Experiences in Old Hue.

Any day now, local authorities are going to start work on a new USD 6 million promenade on the south bank of the Huong River. It’ll be four-metres wide, 380 metres long and run between the historic Truong Tien Bridge and Hue Central Hospital. Check out a video of the promenade to come here:


Back in the day cannon on the ramparts of the city’s Citadel fired on unwelcome visitors. This summer, those same kind of cannons are firing 21-gun salutes every Wednesday and Saturday night at 9 pm to welcome visitors. That, and the city’s iconic flagtower bastion and Noon Gate will be illuminated nightly like beacons.

Pedestrian Streets

Since last September, we’ve stopped cars from plying some of our most attractive streets. Every weekend from 6 pm to 2 am, it’s pedestrians only on Pham Ngu Lao, Vo Thi Sau, and Chu Van An, the city’s backpacker district.

Virtual Reality

Let’s say you’ve whetted your appetite for Hue history with a run out to the tomb of Khai Dinh King, as per my reference to the Big 3 on our bucket list above. Since April, the Hue Monument Conservation Centre – in a project launched with the cooperation of a Korean partner – has been offering virtual tours of the same tomb complex, in glorious colour.

Credit: Ton That Dai Duong

Garden Houses

On one of the most beautiful stretches of the Huong River, between Thien Mu Pagoda and the Van Mieu Temple, the Ben Xuan garden house has opened its doors to guests for dinner and traditional music.

Credit: Ben Xuan


This year, one of the more remarkable things to do out of doors is at Pearl Island, near the famous Hai Van Pass at Lang Co. Divers and snorkelers are exploring 144 species of coral and 162 species of fish, as well as 135 different types of seaweed.

By Phan Trong Minh, General Manager La Residence Hotel & Spa