Top 8 Mouthwatering Dishes Of Hue Food

Hue food is a must when you visit the ancient capital of Vietnam. It is so easy to eat like a king here, but to understand the meaning behind the food, we need to go back in time a bit. Hue is affectionately known as the Imperial City of Vietnam until the year 1945. As the imperial city, Hue takes reign to some of the more delectable dishes throughout Vietnam dating back to the culinary cravings of Nguyen feudal lords, emperors and their hundreds of concubines and wives.

1. Bun Bo Hue
When we talk about Hue food, it would be a crime not to mention Bun Bo Hue. This popular Vietnamese soup contains rice vermicelli and sliced cooked beef and is greatly admired for its unique balance of spices and flavours. The soup is prepared by boiling the beef bones and shank, lemongrass, fermented shrimp sauce and chili oil. It is served with thin slices of marinated and boiled beef shank, chunks of oxtail, pig knuckles and pork rolls. This delicacy is a favorite amongst guests at La Residence and served daily at Le Parfum Restaurant.

Bun Bo Hue

2. Com Hen
Unique and true to the Hue region, com meaning rice and hen meaning boiled mussel, this is a must-try dish. First, place the fresh star fruit, fish sauce, cabbage, onion, pepper, grilled peanut and chilli into your bowl, and follow it with the boiled mussel and broth into the bowl, over the ingredients. It is tempting to enjoy this bowl of savory that is Hue clam rice.

Com Hen (Clam Rice)

3. Bun Thit Nuong
This is a popular cold Vietnamese rice noodle dish, topped with tasty grilled pork, fresh herbs such as basil and mint, a fresh garden salad, bean sprouts and deep-fried spring rolls. Pour the famous fish sauce and pickled carrots over the noodles and top off it with some peanuts for a little bit of crunch. In the North, this dish is called Bun Cha and instead of pouring the fish sauce over the noodles, one would dip the noodles into the sauce before eating.

Bun Thit Nuong

4. Nem Lui
Instead of using skewers, this kebab-like dish combines lemongrass sticks and marinated pork giving it a one-of-a-kind flavor. When eaten with the special paste made up of finely chopped shallots, garlic and topped with peanuts, this combination infuses the pork with an unforgettable lemongrass flavour.

Nem Lui

5. Banh Khoai
With its translation meaning “happy cake”, a bite of Banh Khoai truly makes all food lovers’ heart melt. This delicious bright yellow Vietnamese crepe is made of rice flour fried until crispy, with pork meat, egg, and shrimp to eat together with fresh lettuce leaves, herbs and special hoisin dipping sauce. Who would have thought a simple cake such as Banh Khoai is so tasty and will leave you wanting more!

Banh Khoai

6. Banh Beo
This water fern cake is made up of small steamed rice pancakes. It is white in colour and typically features a dimple in the centre. The dimple is filled with salty ingredients such as chopped dried shrimp, scallions, mung bean paste, crispy fried shallots, fish sauce, rice vinegar, and oil. At La Residence, this delicacy comes to your table in a tray with other type of cakes.  

Banh Beo

7. Fig Salad
Locally named “Vả trộn”, this typical Hue food gives way to the local’s creativity in cooking. This peculiar fruit is bell-shaped with a flat and wide bottom and pointed at the top.  Filled with white meat and green skin, this fig is served at family gatherings or weddings. Choose a big fig with lots of meat, so when it is boiled, drained and cut into fine pieces; it goes deliciously with carrots, mushrooms and onions. At times, this salad is also served with prawns and/or shredded pork. Just before serving, top it off with some golden brown fried slices of garlic and roasted sesame.

Fig Salad

8. Che Hat Sen
A favourite amongst Vietnamese, this dessert not only is perfect for hot weather but it also improves your health. A 100-gram lotus seeds contains 350 calories of energy, 65-gram of carbohydrate 17-gram of protein, and only 1.9-gram fat. The remainder is water (13%), and minerals (sodium, potassium, calcium, and phosphorus). As a great source of protein a recommended one-ounce serving provides 5 grams.

Che Hat Sen

Enjoy some of these scrumptious delicacies on the terrace of La Residence’s Le Parfum Restaurant against the historic backdrop of Perfume River and the ancient Citadel.  It’s the perfect way to make your holidays just that much more delicious and memorable.